ECM Engine Control Module Canbox 2+ Free Advanced Automobile Training


Buy this product & Get a 1 month Free certification course on “Advanced Automobile Training “

The Free Certificate Training Course includes the following:
1. Diagnostics Training
2. CRD Training
3. ESP Training
4. Fuel System
5. SRS Training
6. Engine & Sensor Training
7. Electrical Training
8. Practical Workshop  Training
9.And Much More…

Our Training Classes available both Online & Offline across India.

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CanBox 2 is an update to the CanBox which allows you to connect and diagnose more cars than the previous version.

It is car simulator tool which provides car technicians to rectify and diagnose electrical problems without actually having a car.

This tool acts as a virtual car simulator that allows the technician to connect various electronic system of a car such as ECM, BCM, Speedometer, Key and Immobilizer on bench.

It is light weight, compact and user friendly.

Once the faulty electronic systems are connected to the CanBox, the fault can be recognized, rectified and diagnosed without an actual car.

This tool reduces the hassle of going to car each and every time for diagnosing every single problem at a time.

All the fault recognition, rectification, diagnosis and testing can be done on a bench.

This will reduce your work,time and efforts of connecting each and every part to the car.

A perfect tool for efficient diagnosis of car problems without having a car.