Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
This is a subscription based App, provides confidential premium data to automotive technician, and And we want our data to be used only by automotive technicians,

That’s why on this page, we make it clear that in order to identify an automotive technician, we ask for some of their personal information, so that we ensure that our data is only used by automotive technicians.

If the user agrees to this policy of ours, then he will have to reveal his identity as per our condition,

And in our APP, user have to provide that personal data which is used only in registration.
The terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as in our Terms and Conditions,
1. Information Collection and Use
2. Log Data
3. Service Providers
4. User Security
5. Our data Security
6. Subscription plans
7. Payment Protection
8. Contact Us
1. Information Collection and Use
For the identification of the user, we ask for his contact information, in which some things are optional and some are mandatory.
1. Profile image(optional)
2. name (Mandatory)
3. Workshop Name (Mandatory)
4. Email (optional)
5. address (optional)
6. Mobile Number (Mandatory)
We use user data and contact information to provide better service, this data is not used by third parties services,
Our APP is subscription based, and we want only one user to use one subscription, that’s why we have provided the facility of login/registration through OTP in our APP
Only subscribed user should use OTP, that’s why user cannot manually input OTP in APP, that’s why we have asked it for automatic SMS read permission, because for security reasons we want one of our user’s subscriptions to be limited to same user and its subscription cannot be used by more than one user,
If the user wants to put his profile photo in the APP, then he will have to give storage permission in the app, We make it clear that this is completely optional, and if the user gives his storage permission, or adds an image to the profile, its use is limited to his APP only and it is not using by Automobile Doctor Indian Pvt. Ltdor any other third party services
2. Log Data
We want to inform our user that if they use our Services and in a case of an error in the app, We collect data some and information of user phone called Log Data. This Log Data may include information such as your device Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, device name, operating system version, the configuration of the app when utilizing our Service, the time and date of user use of the Service, and other statistics.
3. Service Providers
Automobile Doctor Indian Pvt. Ltddoes not use any third party service for user data or personal information,
We use Razorpay service provider for the payment gateway of the subscription,
Which is completely safe and easy where the user can buy the plan according to his convenience,
And we also ensure that all these details are temporary, it is used at the same time, in future the user can take further subscription according to his own,
And the user’s payment details are not used anywhere.
4. User Security
Automobile Doctor Indian Pvt. Ltdmakes it clear that we are dedicated to protect user’s personal information and data,
OTP facility has been provided for user login and registration, which is completely secure.
User’s profile cannot be accessed by any third-party service other than Car Clinic. Nor do we provide your data to any third-party service,
We have taken full care of security in our app, so that our users trust us and they feel safe,
5. Our data Security
Our subscription-based data is only for Professional Automotive Technicians,
For the safety of the data, we have turned off the screen shot, and screen recording in the app, because our data is premium and confidential
the reason for which is given below
1. Data should not go into wrong hands (Unknown person non subscribed).
2. The data given is for one user, it should not be shared.
3. To avoid live streaming and public broadcasting.
4. Due to the share of data, the number of subscribers will fall in the future, due to which the company may suffer. THAT’S WHY WE TURNED OFF screen shot, and screen recording in the app,
6. Subscription plans explanation
Our app is subscription based
The subscription charges and time duration change from time to time, which are informed to the user on the homepage,
If a user buys a subscription plan, then he can take full advantage of that plan as long as the time interval of that subscription is
Changes in the price or timing of future plans will not affect the benefits and timing of that user’s current plan
All types of plans come in this rule,
Our app does not have the facility of one time subscription, each plan has a fixed time interval, after that time whether the user has to subscribe or not, it depends on the user, the money will not detect automatically
7. Payment Protection
We always ensure the payment protection of the user, for which we take full care of this in our service,
We use Razorpay payment gateway for payment in our app. which is completely safe, and reliable
This payment gateway uses your temporary payment details to secure your payment.
If the user does not get the plan even after making the payment, then he can register his complaint by going to the below mentioned contacts, where his complaint will be taken care of and the solution will be done.
We make it clear that the payment details that the user uses are kept completely confidential and are temporary and will not be used anywhere in the future.
8. Contact Us
Automobile Doctor Indian Pvt. Ltd
Address – 2427, NH5 Hitech Square, near Green Field Hotel, Pandra, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751010
contact number 1800 103 3373
Email Id: hello@indianautomobiledoctor.com