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MINI OBD TOOL is a multi-function vehicle programming tool with vehicle diagnosis, Immo Programming, Throttle program, Tire pressure light reset, maintenance light reset and etc.

MINI OBD TOOL is ultra-reliable and easy to use for beginners in the industry. It is MINI, just like its name, but way more powerful concerning the diversity in its functions. Many people say it’s a perfect partner of KEY TOOL MAX which is able to perform amazing functions together like immo programming for thousands of cars. Last year, maintenance functions of MINI OBD TOOL were launched, making it even more competitive among tools in its class. It’s realized by the continuous innovation of Xhorse tech engineers.

MINI OBD Tool Highlights:

1. EU/UK/US Ship No Tax
2. Support work with both Xhorse APP and Key Tool Max.
Please update the Xhorse app to the newest Version, vvdi mini obd tool can Work With Xhorse APP Now.
3. MINI OBD Tool Firmware: V1.3.1
4. MINI OBD TOOL can connect with specific software or hardware by WIFI, WLAN, or USB interface.
5. Own ECU data of over 850 car models of 80 brands worldwide

Xhorse APP Mini OBD Tool Functions list :
1. Immo Programming
2.8A immo box all key lost
3. Collect testing Data
4. Self-query password
5. Maintenance light reset
6. Throttle program
8. Steering Angle Programming