Mini CRDI Simulator + 1 month Free certification course on “Advanced Automobile Training “


Buy this product & Get a 1 month Free certification course on “Advanced Automobile Training

The Free Certificate Training Course includes the following:
1. Diagnostics Training
2. CRD Training
3. ESP Training
4. Fuel System
5. SRS Training
6. Engine & Sensor Training
7. Electrical Training
8. Practical Workshop Training
9.And Much More…

Our Training Classes available both Online & Offline across India.

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MINI CRDI TESTER / Mini crdi simulator high pressure common rail injector tester can drive common rail injectors such as for Bosch, Denso,, Delphi, Siemens & CAT, etc. The test conditions can be set by the user according to their actual conditions, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to the high pressure common rail injector. Judgment and maintenance of working conditions under different working conditions. It can help customers identify and maintain common rail injectors during the journey and reduce maintenance costs. The common rail injector tester has digital display control, adjustable pulse width and frequency, LED display, intuitive and convenient, and simple operation. Product main function:- Mini Crdi simulator:

  1. Support testing electromagnetic high-pressure common rail injector
  2. Pulse width adjustable range: 0 ~ 6000us;
  3. Frequency adjustable range: 1 ~ 30Hz
  • Operation Mode: DC 24 V, Frequency: 33 HZ, Motor: Electronic, Power Consumption:12 V.
  • The injector tester is small in size and easy to carry. It can meet the repairman’s requirements for simple test devices, maintain common rail injectors, and improve work efficiency.
  • It can meet the needs of detecting common rail injectors and effectively reduce the cost of maintenance equipment.
  • Common rail injector tester can be used for the detection of atomization effect, pre-injection, discharge point, and full load point.
  • Common rail injector tester is suitable for a variety of common rail injectors, such as Bosch, Denso, Delphi, etc.