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The Free Certificate Training Course includes the following:
1. Diagnostics Training
2. CRD Training
3. ESP Training
4. Fuel System
5. SRS Training
6. Engine & Sensor Training
7. Electrical Training
8. Practical Workshop  Training
9.And Much More…

Our Training Classes available both Online & Offline across India.

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THINKCAR PROG is a powerful car key chip reading and writing anti-theft tool developed by THINKCAR. It’s widely used in automotive electronics industry, auto repair shops, locksmith and professional mechanics. THINKCAR PROG is mainly used for reading and writing car key chip data, including EEPROM reading and writing, on-board MCU reading and writing, Benz infrared key generation, special key generation, BMW engine ins code reading, BMW cas4 + / FEM chip reading and writing, etc.

Main Function

  • Reading and writing Volkswagen’s fourth-generation UDS engine chip.
  • Volkswagen/Audi fourth-generation UDS engine replacement (after 2016 year).
  • Volkswagen/Audi MQB platform engine replacement.
  • The replacement or clone of Volkswagen/Audi MQB platform gearbox.
  • The replacement of dashboard or steering column of Volkswagen/Audi MQB.
  • The replacement of dashboard of Volkswagen/Audi without disassembly and lost data
  • The replacement of Audi fourth-generation EZS, comfort computer VW, and KESSY chips.
  • The replacement of Audi fifth-generation gearbox ECU.
  • BMW E, F, G chassis 8HP gearbox data clear.