Silca Flah 008 + Free Advanced Automobile Training


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The Free Certificate Training Course includes the following:
1. Diagnostics Training
2. CRD Training
3. ESP Training
4. Fuel System
5. SRS Training
6. Engine & Sensor Training
7. Electrical Training
8. Practical Workshop Training
9.And Much More…

Our Training Classes available both Online & Offline across India.

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Flash 008 is the mechanical key cutting machine for flat cylinder and vehicle keys. It cuts also cruciform keys and keys with long necks, tip stop and flip mechanisms.

Flash 008 is easy to use and features long-lasting materials and finishes. Lightweight and compact, it is perfect for small shops and mobile use. A fixing bracket allows the machine to be secured to the work-bench for better stability while cutting.

  • Smooth carriage movements: Two large, ergonomic clamp handles tighten with a minimum of force to hold the key securely. The space-saving rotating knob ensures precise horizontal movements. The carriage can also be easily moved manually using the front lever.
  • Four-sided clamps mean flexibility of use: The four-sided clamps allow virtually all flat keys present on the market to be cut, whilst the nickel coating means a longer life. The inter-axis distance of 128 mm between the clamps enables keys with longer necks or flip car keys to be easily cut. The clamps can be quickly and smoothly rotated without needing to be removed first.
  • Optimized calibration: Flash 008 is equipped with a tracer point adjustment system for fast, precise calibration.
  • Resistant-to-wear components: The cutter is AlTiN ( Aluminum Titanium Nitride) coated for longer life and oxidation resistance even at temperatures up to 800°C.The Teflon-coated bush gives protection to the carriage shaft and guarantees a smoother, quieter movement.
  • Space-saving solution for fixed or mobile use: The fixing bracket, supplied as standard, allows the machine to be secured to the work-bench. Flash 008 is lightweight, compact and easily transportable.
  • Safe for the user: The on-off switch features a safety cut-out for user protection. The machine needs to be manually re-started after a power interruption.

Cut keys finished perfectly: The de-burring brush in ‘tynex’ is housed behind the protective shield.