K-Tag ECU Programming Tool for Ecm Programing+ Free Advanced Automobile Training


Buy this product & Get a 1 month Free certification course on “Advanced Automobile Training “

The Free Certificate Training Course includes the following:
1. Diagnostics Training
2. CRD Training
3. ESP Training
4. Fuel System
5. SRS Training
6. Engine & Sensor Training
7. Electrical Training
8. Practical Workshop  Training
9.And Much More…

Our Training Classes available both Online & Offline across India.

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K-TAG is the most complete and professional tool to read, write and clone an ECU or TCU on any vehicle.

K-TAG communicates with all ECUs, even the latest generation ones. You can read and write directly to the ECU microprocessor, the flash memory and the EEPROM, without opening the ECU!

K-TAG is the tool for professionals, designed and built by professionals. Every business need is met by working efficiently and precisely on cars, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, and boats.

It provides you with complete access to the ECU and the TCU to read and write the microprocessor, the EEPROM and the flash memory. With K-TAG you can also carry out advanced modifications, backup operations and “cloning” of the ECU.

The perfect choice for an expert professional, who requires a reliable tool, that is safe and highly professional.

 With K-TAG you can get to the heart of the ECU, have access to all the necessary data to operate safely and efficiently on the vehicle.

The boot mode modality allows you to read and write an open ECU, the deeper parts, By simply connecting the tool to the electronic board of the ECU.

Thanks to the service mode, recalibrations, repairing, and cloning have to open the ECU, thereby reducing the margin for error whilst