Sales Representative

Are you someone who enjoys helping other people and educating them on how things work? If you are friendly, outgoing, and quick to learn about new parts and their functions, this could be the perfect job for you. As a parts salesperson, you will work as a member of our sales team to facilitate customer requests and provide them with information about our latest promotions. You will have the opportunity to learn about inventory management, better your math skills, and develop organizational prowess through maintaining an orderly store. With persistence and a commitment to integrity, you have the ability to grow with the company and attain superior sales success.

Job Responsibilities

· Greet customers and assist them in finding the parts they are looking for, including answering questions, educating on product usage, and providing advice for maintenance and installation

· Assist with inventory management and verify that all parts are correctly stocked and displayed for optimal visibility and accessibility

· Intervene in situations where a customer is dissatisfied, and come up with creative solutions to maintain business when dealing with backorders, damaged parts or stock-outs

· Organize merchandise and participate in modifying displays to reflect current inventory, sales, and promotions

· Calculate sales totals, taking into account such factors as discounts, store credit, promotions, and flash sales

· Label different parts based on their function and price using predetermined methods for organization and documentation

· Inspect returned parts to find defects and promptly assist the customer with a replacement part or a full refund

· Participate in accepting shipments of parts, sending orders to customers, and documenting all inventory that enters and exits the facility.

· Help customers find the spare parts they are looking for.

· Read catalogs to determine new parts on market.

· Ensure all necessary parts are stocked and ready for purchase.

· Order new parts from a catalog as needed.

· Sell parts to repair garages, retail shops, truck and bus companies, dealers, and the public.

· Answer the customers’ questions or problems.

· Overachieve the weekly and monthly target.

Job Skills & Qualifications


· Bachelor’s degree in any field

· Able to quickly learn about a variety of parts

· Personable, friendly, and willing to listen

· Must know Local Language


· Six Months to five years of experience in customer service

· Familiarity with stocking and organizing inventory


Contact us:
Call: +91 8093777701, +91 8093777702, +91 7609080158

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Bhubaneswar India odisha

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